Embroidered Polo Shirt

When it comes to logo embroidered clothing, polo shirts are by far the most popular style. And dark colors like black, navy, maroon and forest green sell very well. But those colors are susceptible to fading over time and a series of washes.

When you have a polo shirt with an embroidered logo that represents your company or organization, you want it to look great for as long as possible. It represents your company, and as those dark colors fade over time, it reflects poorly on your organization.

La decoloración ocurre principalmente con las camisas que están hechas de 100% algodón. Todos los colores de los polos en realidad se desvanecen, pero se notan más con los colores oscuros.

El algodón es una fibra natural que se tiñe para crear el color. Con el tiempo, cuando la camisa se usa y se lava, el tinte se liberará naturalmente de la fibra y el resultado es un color que se ha desvanecido.

The best solution to avoid fading or color loss is to choose a polo shirt for your embroidered logo that is made with all or some polyester. Polyester is a synthetic fiber and is manufactured in a specific color. The fiber starts out as black and, therefore, stays black.

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